How to Check if My Driver’s License is Suspended in South Carolina

The residents of SC should count themselves lucky because individuals are permitted to look up their driving record, which can influence their driver’s license status and condition.

Explaining how to perform this procedure on the phone requires very strong communication skills.

Perhaps our visual step-by-step guide can be more helpful. Follow our guidelines below to access the details of your driver’s license, like the number of points or its status.

Follow this link to check your points or determine suspension status. The website will expect you to fill in your driver’s license details.

How to check your SC driving record online?

Enter the number on your SC driver’s license, SSN, and the date on your birth certificate. The website will expect you to verify the address.

South Carolina driving record - step 2.

Once you’re done with this step, click the ‘next button to view the summary of your record. This won’t be a complete representation of your track record on the road.

Driving record point summary.

Other Person’s Driver Record

An individual can’t look up someone else’s track record without their consent or a very good reason that meets the requirements of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994. Here are some of the valid reasons for looking up the record:

  • Federal agencies
  • Corporations verifying the record
  • Court files
  • Detective work
  • Insurance providers
  • Commercial records on the wheel

To get a complete record, an individual must pay $6. You can also get a scanned copy by filling out Request for Driver Information. Don’t hold back any details. Address it directly to SCDMV, and include the proof of payment for $6. Do not include the money itself.

Drivers License Suspensions

Your SC driver’s license may be suspended for many different factors. One of the reasons is getting jailed for a DUI or being on the wheel without proper insurance coverage. Both of these reasons can cause the state to revoke your license.

Driving with a suspended license is going to get you in even bigger trouble. Your penalties will accumulate. Your license may be revoked for refusing to pay a penalty or gradually accumulating too many points.

If you are under the threat of having your license suspended, don’t lose hope yet. You can still protect yourself and avoid suspension. At one point or another, you’ll eventually recover your license. You’ll probably have to cover all the penalties and have it reinstated. You can also contest the validity of the charge in court.

However, as long as your driving license is suspended, don’t get behind the wheel. A policeman is not going to care if the grounds for your suspension are weak. Reinstate your driving license first before getting behind the wheel. If the suspension doesn’t have any merit, the license will be easy to reinstate. Look up your license condition online to stay up to date on the required response.

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