Recent Settlements


  • Improper installation of electrical conduit causing the electrocution of a 57 year-old man with four adult children.


  • 47 year old client in an auto accident with pre-existing neck injury and arthritis from prior accident.


  • Parking lot accident which resulted in cervical disc herniations. Client underwent laser endoscopy discectomy procedure.


  • Bicyclist was crossing in front of stopped car waiting to turn right. Driver of car failed to look left to see Bicyclist and hit him. Injuries: cuts and bruises.


  • Failure to timely treat urologic complications from surgery causing permanent urinary obstruction requiring self-catheterization.


  • Failure of nursing home to monitor blood thinner levels resulting in patient death.


  • Failure to properly treat encephalitis leading to blindness.


  • Failure to adequately treat blood pressure resulting in a stroke.


  • 57 year-old female who slipped and fell in restaurant due to liquid on the floor. Fractured hip with surgery with pins and wire. Pre-suit offer: $25,000.


  • Client injured at work. Fractured ankle, treated without surgery. Contested liability.


  • 62 year-old woman was t-boned causing a roll-over. Multiple fractures and surgeries.


  • Parking lot accident which resulted in cervical disc hernations. Client underwent laser endoscopic discectomy procedure.


  • Auto accident which resulted in herniated discs in neck and lower back. Causation contested due to minor property damage to vehicle.


  • 19 year-old injured in car accident. Scalp laceration and traumatic brain injury.


  • As a result of the utilization of a defectively manufactured Duragesic (Fentanyl) pain patch.


  • Failure to diagnose pseudotumor cerebri in a 5 year-old girl.