New York Drivers License Renewal

A lot of people forget that their NY driver’s license has an expiration date. The licenses are issued for a long period of time, so NY residents often forget to check if their document is past its expiration date. Letting your document expire can cause a lot of headaches down the line. Whether or not you pay attention is up to you. We summarized the most important tips for renewing your license.

NY Drivers License Renewal Deadlines

Every driver’s license expires at a different point in time. You should regularly perform a check of your NY drivers license status. There are specific deadlines that deserve your attention.

You can renew up to 1 year before and 2 years after your license expires

If you extend your license during this time, your new document will have the same expiration date and you won’t have to pay any penalties.

If you let your driver’s document expire past two years, you won’t have the option to renew it. You’ll have to get a new one from the state. It is also prohibited to extend an inactive or suspended license. It is against the law to renew a learner’s permit.

Renew your license before it expires, or you could face fines

Driving with an invalid driver’s license can get you in serious trouble. If you’re pulled over and you get a ticket, you’ll have to pay serious fees as retribution.

  • Two months past the deadline: $25-$40, as well as other applicable surcharges
  • Later than two months past the deadline: $75 to $300 in fines, as well as other applicable surcharges

If you are turning 21 soon

Individuals who renew their license while under 21 will receive a license with an “UNDER 21” caption on it. This measure ensures that you can’t buy alcohol. Residents who are turning 21 in 40 days or less are the exception. To avoid excessive procedures, it’s better to wait until you reach the legal drinking age. Once you do, you can proceed with the renewal and receive a driver’s license that allows you to buy alcohol.

Methods to Renew Your NY License


NY residents can renew their licenses online. Doing it through a website is the simplest way. Most residents qualify for online renewal. New York DMV Renew License webpage allows you to extend your license. In any case, you need to visit a DMV-approved technician and get proof of your good vision. Once you’re finished with your test, the optometrist will automatically submit your results to the DMV database. If you’re concerned about your vision, you should check out the list of certified test providers available at the New York DMV Vision Registry Locator webpage.

By mail

Individuals who possess an Enhanced or REAL ID, or you’d rather have your standard, may opt for mail renewal. In this case, you’ll still have the same kind of driver’s license as before.

Go through with the renewal instructions we sent you. Your response back should include:

Individuals who haven’t received a renewal notification, you’ll gain access to the Application For Permit, Driver License, or Non-Driver ID Card (PDF).

Mail to

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

207 Genesee Street, Suite 6

Utica, NY 13501-2874


Some NY residents do not qualify for online renewal. Individuals with CDL are only eligible to extend their license in person at a DMV location. There are other reasons that might cut off your access to online license renewal:

  • You need to transform an enhanced driver license (EDL)
  • You possess a probationary or limited type of license
  • Your document has the text “VALID WITHOUT PHOTO” on it
  • You’d like to replace a picture
  • At the moment of renewal, you’re enrolled in the ignition interlock device program
  • You’re in possession of an expired short-term visitor license. In this case, you must present a certificate of extension from the INS as well.

In order to find the nearest DMV location, look up the New York DMV Office Locations page. Don’t go to the location yet. Before you go to the DMV location, get yourself a reservation. You can save a lot of time by doing so. The New York DMV Reservations page will tell you which locations have this feature.

Renewal Fees

The amount of renewal fee is directly correlated with the type of your driver’s license.

A, B or C

Commercial Driver License (CDL)

$164.50 $180.50
D or DJ $64.50 $80.50
E $112.50 $128.50
M or MJ $72.50 $88.50

The individuals who hold EDL licenses must pay an extra fee of $30. They will have to cover this amount in addition to the regular extension costs. The individuals who hold a REAL ID pay the normal amount, without any additions.

Other types of licenses mixed with class M or MJ cost $8 more than the regular amount.

Performing the driver’s license renewal is not a complicated process. Things only get complicated if you let your license expire. If you renew it on time, you won’t have to pay any penalties.

Applications received through the mail or at the DMV location, you can cover the costs using your credit card, a payment receipt, or another viable alternative. You can pay online exclusively with a credit card. The website works with:

  • American Express® Card
  • Discover Card®/Novus®
  • MasterCard®
  • MasterCard® Debit card without personal identification number (PIN)
  • VISA® Card
  • Visa Debit Card without personal identification number (PIN)

How to renew if you are out of the state or country

Renew by mail

Provide us with:

  • The note we sent you about license extension (MV-2). If you didn’t receive any notes, fill out this form.
  • A Vision Test Report form filled out by a state-approved eye doctor
  • A receipt for payment made to `Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
  • A filled-out letter is attached to your application that contains the address. This way, we can be sure that we send your document to the right location.

Renew online only if you

  • Possess a working NY driver’s document
  • Have gone through a vision check during the last year. The results must be stored in the DMV Vision Registry.

In the event that you extend your license online, the state will not send it to an address that is outside the state of New York.

Changing license class when renewing

Changing the type of license is impossible on the website. Candidates can make these changes only if they go through the procedure in person or via mail. Editions not listed here require a letter and a certificate proving your knowledge of traffic rules. Look up the information to get a CDL or to get a motorcycle license.

In the event of renewal:

  • Via mail, a letter must contain class transfer information in a certificate extension envelope
  • While doing it in person, inform the DMV official about the transfer
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