How to Get Your Missouri Driving Record

Most drivers in Missouri (also known as the Show Me State) get nervous when they’re getting pulled over.

Police officers often request to see their license, which is always concerning.

Even the best drivers sometimes get caught violating the traffic laws or other rules behind the wheel.

If you are going faster than the speed limit, skipping red lights and ignoring road signs and the officers catch you in the act, you will get into serious trouble.

The trouble is even more severe for drivers who violate the road laws and have a track record of past misconduct. Even small misconducts like overdue penalty payments and failing to show up for court will show up on your driving record.

The good news is that the drivers in Missouri can check their records and keep track of their misconduct.

This way, you won’t be caught off-guard when pulled over by a police officer.

What’s On My Missouri Driving Record?

The main office that handles every resident’s driving records is Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division.

Driving records list a lot of details about you, especially the information that describes your experience on the wheel. Any state resident can look up one of the two types of driving records stored online. One type shows the information exclusively about your time on the wheel. It contains the data concerned with your adherence to the traffic law.

In addition to driving performance, the other kind of record lists your personal information as well. It reads your name, residence, the date on your birth certificate, verbal physical description, SSN, your picture, and your disabilities in regard to driving.

Missouri is one of the few states in this country that keep a record of points on your driver’s license. Violating the rules of the road will lead to the accumulation of the points. The number of points on your driving license can influence the penalties and insurance cost and lead to cancellation if you’re reckless.

Who Can Access My Missouri Driving Record?

Government and corporate organizations, such as insurance companies, can check your driving record as long as they have a valid reason for doing so. DMV personnel can also look up your information to make a renewal decision or inform you about penalties. Insurance companies calculate the risk associated with insuring your car. Potential employers can also look up your driving record to decide on your eligibility for a job. Those who drive professionally must be particularly cautious about maintaining a clean driving record. If they don’t, commercial drivers risk getting rejected by an employer.

Court officials can look up your online record as well. This is useful for judging individuals who are involved in a car-related court case.

How Can I Access My Missouri Driving Record?

There are many ways to look up your Missouri driving record from the DMV. Missouri residents can get the required information by visiting the DMV in person, submitting a request through the mail, or via fax machine or email.

By Mail

In order to access a driving record using the mail, a Missouri resident must send a letter to the DMV with a notarized copy of the Request from Record Holder form that contains a signature. The letter must also contain proof of payment for the $5.88 processing fee. The letter should be addressed to:

Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division

301 West High Street – Room 360

Jefferson City, MO 65101

In Person

If you think you’re up to the task, you can request to see your record at your local DMV office. You must have a request form with you. In this case, you must also bring $5.88 and $2 to cover the associated fees. You can pay using cash, check, credit card, and even money order.

Unfortunately, the “Show Me” state does not operate an official website where residents can look up their data.

Email or Fax Machine

If you want to access your records remotely, you can do so through a fax machine or email letter. You will still need the request form and approval from the notary.

You can use the following number to fax the letter: (573) 526-7367. If you intend to submit your form via email, address it to Fax requests will cost you $5.88 plus 50 cents. The email requests cost the base amount of $5.88. You can pay by credit card.

Final Word

Routinely checking driving records is a good practice for any resident of the state. It is just as important as looking over the financial expenses. Errors on your record can raise the cost of your insurance coverage, increase your penalties, and send you to jail in extreme cases.

If you think there’s been a mistake, get in touch with the Missouri DOR Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division online (by reaching out to ) or by calling the specified phone number.

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