How to Get Your Mississippi Driving Record

While you’re exploring the streets of Dixie on a bright summer night, you probably don’t want to get pulled over by a police officer.

Read the article thoroughly to prevent simple misconduct.

Even the most law-abiding citizens sometimes go over the speed limit or skip the red light. As long as you follow simple rules, you can get off easily.

Mississippi residents who want to stay out of trouble must check their driving records and stay updated on their records.

You might get pulled over for a simple traffic law misconduct, but the policemen always look up the driver’s track record. If they find many misdeeds there, a simple traffic law violation might turn into serious trouble. If you want to keep things simple, always keep track of your driving record in the state. Make sure there are no mistakes or false violations on it. Taking these simple precautions might help you avoid a lot of headaches down the line.

What’s On My Mississippi Driving Record?

Your driving record should include all your past offenses against traffic law and possibly related notes. The status of your driver’s license is one of the most important pieces of information mentioned on your record. It also includes the lists of traffic violations and more serious convictions, if there are any. Having traffic law violations on your record is not a tragedy, as long as you’re aware of it. That’s why keeping track of your driving record is so essential for preventing any escalations with the police. In some cases, an accident that could be easily prevented can take you more than few weeks to resolve.

Who Can Access My Mississippi Driving Record?

Your driving history in the state of Mississippi is accessible to various qualified individuals and certain organizations. Obviously, you also have the option to look up your own driving record. Other individuals residing in the state can also access your record. State officials like employees at government agencies and court officials can also check your record to get information about your driving performance, outstanding penalties and to use it in court proceedings.

If you’ve recently applied for a job, keep in mind that your record is also visible to potential employers, and they’re eligible to look it over. Most often, this is an essential part of background checks for commercial driving jobs. Employers obviously want to hire someone who has a track record of driving responsibly. Insurance companies also have the right to look up your driving record. By analyzing the information included in the report, insurers calculate the monthly cost of your insurance. If your driving is viewed as too reckless, insurers can use this information to deny you coverage.

How Can I Access My Mississippi Driving Record?

Gaining access to your Mississippi driving record is easy. Follow one of the methods below.

How To Get Your Mississippi Driving Record Online

Residents of the state are allowed to view two kinds of driving records. To be more specific, they can look up either a non-certified MVR or certified MVR. The non-certified version is available online. It is only accessible to the person on the record. You can view certified type by requesting it via email or personally.

Get Your Mississippi Driving Record Online Here.

How To Get Your Mississippi Driving Record By Mail

As long as you’re willing to wait for your files to come in through the regular mail, you can send the Mississippi Department of Public Safety a letter containing a completed Consent to Release Records form.

Along with the letter, a candidate must also send a stamped envelope and approved check for $11. The money will cover the processing fees. You must mail your inquiry for driving record files to this specific address:

Mississippi Department of Public Safety

MVR-Driving Records

P.O. Box 958

Jackson, Mississippi 39205

How To Get Your Mississippi Driving Record In Person At The DPS

If you don’t want to wait for snail mail, you can get your driving record in person. In order to do this, a candidate must fill out the consent form and bring all the files to the nearest Mississippi DPS location. The files must include a driver’s license, payment confirmation for $11.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Mississippi Driving Record

The fastest way to get access to your driving record is by visiting the official page to ask for a non-certified scan of your MVR. The website will ask you to fill out specific pieces of information, such as your driver’s license number, your official name, and date of birth. You must also pay an $11 processing fee, even if you’re requesting the information online. It can be paid by credit card. If you want to have a paper version of your file, you should also arrange for access to a printer as well.

Don’t Try to Obtain Your Mississippi Driving Record From a Private Company

Some companies offer services to help you get your driving history record, as well as other details from your criminal and non-criminal background.

These corporations make promises that they can’t keep. External services aren’t allowed to collect information on your behalf. If they do provide some kind of report, its contents are going to be false. Anyone can access their own driving record without much effort. So using external services to do something this simple is fruitless.

How to Clear Up Your Mississippi Driving Record

If your record shows a pattern of troublesome behavior, you can get it fixed by participating in a state-certified Mississippi traffic school course. Some insurance providers in the state will give you a hefty discount in exchange for passing a defensive driving course.

Dismissing the violations or getting an insurance discount is only possible via a traffic school or a special driving course. In order to get this training, you’ll need approval from the court, the DPS, or the insurance provider.

What To Do If You Find Inaccuracies On Your Mississippi Driving Record

Keeping track of your Mississippi driving record is extremely important. You must check it frequently to avoid any accidental mistakes. You can also counteract raised premiums and avoid any type of escalation with the law. If you notice mistakes on your file, reach out to Mississippi DPS over the phone (601-987-1212) or by email –

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