How to Check Driver’s License Status in Minnesota

If you want to drive a car or a motor vehicle, having a valid driver’s license is crucial.

Sample of Minnesota drivers license card.

As a driver, you should regularly check the status of your license to make sure it’s valid when operating a vehicle. Avoid driving with an expired, revoked, or suspended driver’s license. Read on to learn how to check the current license status and obtain driving records in Minnesota.

Different Ways of Checking Driver’s License Status in Minnesota

You can check whether your Minnesota driver’s license is valid or not online from the comfort of your home. Simply visit this website and click here. After entering your driver’s license number, you will see its status in a matter of seconds.

Checking Minnesota drivers license status online.

Of course, you can also check it out in person by visiting a DVS office in Minnesota. You’ll be given a printout of your Minnesota driving record that reveals your license status aside from other details.

Auto insurance companies also allow drivers to check their license status. If a driver’s license is suspended or revoked, most insurance providers get this information directly from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Why Should You Check the Status of Your Driver’s License?

As you already know, driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked driver’s license is considered criminal activity. That’s why you should promptly check your license status if you have a suspicion that it’s not valid anymore for some reason.

Here are the most common reasons to check your Minnesota driver’s license status:

  • You have recently moved and forgotten to update your new address with the DMV. That may result in an expired license due to the failure of the renewal notice.
  • Your insurance payment wasn’t made in a timely manner. That may lead to a license suspension and cause the insurance company to cancel your policy.
  • An unpaid traffic ticket was sent to the wrong address. In this case, your license can be suspended because of overdue fines.

How to Gain Access to Your Driving Record?

In Minnesota, the only way to access driving records is by mail or personally. You can’t get it done online on your own. Bear in mind that online records can only be received through a third-party service. It should be noted that these services don’t provide certified copies of Minnesota driving records. However, you can get a copy of your driving record by downloading and completing the DVS Records Request. Make sure the number of your driver’s license, date of birth, and full name are included in this form.

What Does Your Driving Record Contain?

There are two types of driving records in Minnesota: non-certified and certified. The former includes the conviction history of the driver for the last five years, while the latter shows the full driving history.

Minnesota driving records contain 4 types of information, including:

  • Private information – Everything from your medical data and disabilities information to leased vehicles and your Social Security Number is included.
  • Public information – As the name suggests, anyone can view these details. They include a physical description, convictions, license status, as well as outstanding fees and fines.
  • Restricted information – The restricted data include your license number, date of birth, name, and address. Only authorized agencies can access them.
  • Confidential information – This type of information shows your driving ability. While it can be submitted by a family member, only accredited DMV representatives can get access.

Minnesota driving records also contain additional information such as license cancellations, suspensions, revocations, as well as traffic accidents and violations.

How to Keep Your Driver’s License Current

Like in most other states, renewals of Minnesota driver’s licenses can be completed online or by mail. However, every time you renew your driver’s license, you will have to do it personally at a DVS office. That should be done before your license expires. To prevent missing a renewal notice, make sure the mailing address provided to Minnesota DVS is up to date.

Did you turn 21?

If so, your driver’s license will expire every 4 years right on your birthday. It is important to note that Minnesota provisional and instructional licenses expire 2 years after the issuance date. The date of expiration is written on the driver’s license in all cases.

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