How to Check Driver’s License Status in Michigan

Consider ordering a report of your driving record to check the status of your driver’s license in Michigan. You will be able to gain a deep insight into your record and check if your license is suspended or revoked. In addition, you can see points on your driver’s license incurred as a result of traffic violations, infractions, or accidents. There are also comprehensive details about traffic accidents in some cases.

Maybe your employment position requires that you sit behind the wheel. If so, you can check whether your license is valid by ordering a driving record report. You will also be able to see if there is something, such as a violation or suspension, ​that would cause the company or employer to decline your job application in Michigan.

It is important to point out that not every piece of information is revealed when reviewing driving records. Therefore, certain entities like potential employers or insurance companies can’t see everything in your driving history when they inquire about credit standing. For example, minor infractions such as accidents that aren’t ticketed will only appear in your driving record if it’s pulled by a law enforcement agency or yourself.

How to Obtain a Driving Record Report in Michigan


By visiting a branch office in Michigan, drivers can obtain their driving records quickly on the same day. Submitting a form is not required either. You will be able to get your driving record by showing your license in person. Everything from credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) to money orders, checks, and cash will be accepted. The driving records can also be requested at the Department of State Secondary Complex. While visitors can order records for someone else, they can be received the next day. Records are $8 upon publication. Please note that certified reconds cost $9.


There are online services that allow drivers to request certified driving records for $12. Under the section “Driver Licenses & ID Cards,” select “More Services” to request your record. Besides, instant access can be purchased. It enables you to have complete visibility into your driving records. This option is only available for standard records that are not certified. When it comes to certified driving records, you will have to contact the Michigan Secretary of State.

Apply by Fax

You can also apply for a driving record report by completing the request form and faxing it at (517) 322-1181 to the Department of State. Don’t forget to add information about your credit card for payment. It is also possible to pay through a Department of State account. Remember that it takes from 3 to 8 weeks to obtain a driving record this way.

Order by Mail

Driving records can be ordered by mail, too. All you need to do is complete the RECORD REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT HOLDERS (form BDVR-153) and send it to this mailing address:

Michigan Department of State, Record Lookup Unit

7064 Crowner Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48918-1540

Since you will have to pay $8 upon publication, be sure to include credit card, check, or money order details for the charge. For a certified copy of driving records, there is an extra charge of $1. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. The records are typically sent to the addresses on file. To receive it at a different address, make sure it’s indicated on the order form. It takes from 3 to 8 weeks to receive driving records by mail.

Phone Call Request

Driving records can also be ordered by phone by calling (517) 322-1624. This method is recommended if you want to request your own record to the address on file. If you don’t have a Department of State account, you can pay with a credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). You will be asked to provide information like your name, date of birth, and license number. Representatives can be reached out from 8:30 am to 4:50 pm (Eastern time) on weekdays.

Importance of Knowing Driver’s License Status

Check your driver’s license status if you aren’t sure whether or not you have points due to a traffic violation. If you have points on your license, try to remove them and restore driving privilege if possible. You should also know whether your license is still valid or suspended for some reason. By driving with a revoked or suspended license in Michigan, you risk facing substantial fines or extended suspension.

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