Maryland Drivers License Renewal

Maryland Drivers License Expiration Dates

If you’re a Maryland resident, your driving license have the expiration date.

MD drivers license sample.

Usually, driving licenses remain active for five years. To avoid any problems, always have your driver’s license with you if you’re driving. More likely than not, the document’s expiration date will be aligned with your birthday.

Renewal Notice

If the deadline is getting close, the state will send you a renewal notification. A resident will receive the notification through email. The letter will contain the instructions to renew your Maryland driver’s license online. You will receive the notice sixty days before the deadline.

The MDOT MVA office will send the renewal letter to the address you specified in your initial application. If you happen to change locations, make sure to reflect the move on the record. If you want to avoid getting in trouble with the law, reflect on the changes within two months of moving. The renewal notice will contain the instructions for license renewal.

Not all residents are eligible for online renewal.

Depending on their circumstances, some candidates might have to be present at the location. According to federal law, those who renew their license personally must have certain files with them, as well as a recent photograph. The letter you receive will contain all the necessary details to renew your license.

If you went through a name change since the time when you first got your license, you would have to show up in person for the renewal. The name change procedure must go through the Social Security Administration before you can proceed to MDOT MVA. Click here to see a full list of required files and to arrange a meeting.

Underage drivers who are soon turning 21 can re-activate their licenses a week before they turn 21.

If it’s been more than one year since the expiration of your document, learn more here.

When to Renew

Maryland residents must renew their documents before the expiration date. If the deadline is getting close, you can send the email 15 days before the deadline. If you get caught driving without proper documentation, you’ll be in trouble with the law.

Renew Maryland Drivers License

Online or by MVA’s Self Service Kiosk

If the letter says that you are within your rights to extend your license online, you have the option to choose: renew on the website online or at an MDOT MVA Self-Serve Kiosk. Senior drivers must take an eye exam with an Authorized Online Vision Certification Provider and provide the test results online. The eye examination must be recent.

Here is how to obtain a new license:

  1. Head over to Driver’s License Services to extend your license online.
  2. Cover the yearly cost of the license, which is $6 for every active year. The computer will calculate the exact fees.
  3. The office will send you a new document to your current residential address, as specified at the MDOT MVA. If the address changes, the residents are obligated to set the record straight here.
  4. Abolish your expired license once you obtain the new one.

If two weeks have passed and you still didn’t receive your license, reach out to MDOT MVA over the telephone number 1-410-768-7000.

By Mail

Another way to extend your driver’s license is to do it via mail. You’re eligible only if you received a ‘renew by mail’ message. You must apply to receive your license two weeks before the deadline. If you encounter any difficulties, show up at MDOT MVA to perform this procedure in person.

Plan of Action:

  1. Fill out your extension files. Remember that you will receive the new files at the current location.
  2. If you are a senior, you must examine your vision. The eye doctor will give you a form proving your capabilities. This form can help you renew over the mail. Otherwise, you might have to show up at the location.
  3. Turn in your application with payment confirmation files.
  4. The replaced document will be sent to you at the address specified in your records. You can not provide another address to send the documents to. If you must use a different address, click here and replace the license via mail.

If two weeks have passed and you still didn’t receive your license, reach out to MDOT MVA over the telephone number 1-410-768-7000.


The MVA will send you an extension notification two months before the deadline. You can receive it by regular or internet mail. The information in the letter will mention the possibilities for renewal. The residents under the age of 40 who are eligible for online extension should not visit the MVA location in person.

To extend the license offline:

  1. Collect the necessary files listed here.
  2. If you have adopted a new name in the past, make sure to register it with the Social Security Administration. Otherwise, you might not be able to renew the license when you show up at the MVA.
  3. Show up at the MDOT MVA branch office. There is no need to make an arrangement.
  4. Pass the eye examination.
  5. Supply a recent picture and all other files.
  6. Cover the license cost. The documents that are active for 8 years cost 54$. You can make the payment with the card, cash, or check paid out to MVA.
  7. Relinquish your existing document.

If it’s been more than one year since the deadline, a resident with an expired license must go through the traffic law examination again. They must also collect all the files, similarly to new candidates. Your only advantage will be that you won’t have to acquire a learner’s permit. Get going online.

Individuals who are turning 21 can extend the period a week before they reach that age.

If you went through a name change since the time when you first got your license, you will have to register the change with the Social Security Administration. Once you have, you can show up in person for the renewal. Click here to get the list of required files and arrange a meeting.

Active Military Personnel and U.S. Foreign Service Members and Their Dependents

Members of the military have different prerequisites for renewing a license. To see a full list of required documents, check the Military and U.S Foreign Service Driver Licensing website.

Military members might be eligible for an extension without taking additional exams, except for the eye exam. This is applicable for licenses that have expired during the last year, at the latest.

Residents who do not serve in the military but are also unable to return before the license becomes invalid are eligible to receive a temporary license or renew their license while out of state.

Veteran Designation

In some cases, candidates can add a veteran’s designation to their document. Veterans don’t have to pay any additional fees for this privilege. Click here to get details.


When it comes to regular driver’s licenses, the governing body grants extensions for a period of 5 to 8 years. The computer will decide the longevity. It will also calculate the driver’s license renewal fee accordingly. The cost of standard driver’s license is $6 per year. Commercial licenses are credible for a period of 5 years at most and have fixed cost – $50.

If your document is overdue for more than one year, you might have to pay an additional penalty.

License Renewal Refusal

Restrictions apply to the candidates who still have to pay taxes or other contributions to the state. Candidates can also make a payment in any other way, as long as the collections officer deems it acceptable. Unless applicants pay every sum owed to the state of Maryland, they are not allowed to:

  • Extend the period of their driver’s license
  • Update their registration
  • Remove replacement tags, specifically:
    • Replacement tag
    • Replacement sticker
    • Moving the tag
    • Moving the tag with period extension plates

To Resolve an Outstanding Tax Obligation

You can not pay your owed taxes directly to the MVA.

  • It is recommended to make payments online through the website Expand the ‘online services’ column to see multiple ways to pay what you owe.
  • If you’re unable to cover the debt in full, you can get in touch with the officials through:
    • email at; OR
  • Reach out over the phone to enquire about your payment options
    • Individual income tax liabilities toll-free 1-855-213-6669
    • Business tax liabilities call 410-649-0633.

To Resolve an Outstanding Unemployment Insurance Obligation

You can not send your unemployment contributions directly to the MVA either.

Corporations with due unemployment insurance payments must get in touch with the state’s department of labor, licensing, and regulation. They must resolve these outstanding debts before proceeding any further.

  • By phone at 410-767-2699; or
  • Via email at

Once all the debts are paid, the head office will remove the hold on the driver’s license and registration files. Once you send the money, it may take up to 2 working days to finally release remove the hold. You can also arrange for a payment plan.

*You don’t have to wait until past the expiration date to settle your overdue taxes and other debts of the same type

Remember: Unpaid taxes can stop these transactions from occurring:

  • Vehicle registration extension
  • Extend the validity of the replacement tag
  • Replacement tag
  • Replacement sticker
  • Transfer of the tags


How do I renew my license if it has been expired for one (1) year or more?

To restore the active status of your license, a candidate must go through an eye exam, as well as take a test proving their theoretical knowledge and practical skills road test. In some cases, applicants will need ID to prove their age and current address. This page online is a good place to start your application.

MDOT MVA checklist.
Click on the link “REAL ID Lookup Tool” and select the required service to get the full list of documents you need.


  • You might be eligible to participate in theoretical and practical examinations on the same day. This can happen when the relevant MDOT MVA offices are available.
  • Click here to access the prep materials for the practical examination.

Click here to access the page which will help you get started and arrange an appointment.

How much does it cost to renew?

In a way, applicants can determine the cost of Maryland driver’s license renewal themselves. The exact cost will be determined by the lifespan of the license. The one that lasts five years will cost five times the regular yearly cost, which is 6$, so 30$ in total. Driver’s licenses that last six, seven, or eight years will cost more. CDL license has a fixed cost of $50.

MDOT MVA Contact Information


Driver Services Division

6601 Ritchie Highway, NE

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