How to Replace a Lost Driver’s License in Maryland

Maryland residents whose driver’s license was lost or stolen can get their backup copy at the MVA location. If you intend to ride your car, you need a Maryland driver’s license. Replacing a stolen driver’s license is essential. If you get caught driving without it, you will have to face penalties.

How to Replace Lost Driver’s License Online

Whether you want to apply online or get your new document at an MVA location you must collect certain documents, such as your Driver’s License number, your birthday, and the last numbers of your SSN.

MVA online service for renewing your license.
Click on “Driver’s License Services” and fill in required fields.
MVA online tool.
Now you should enter your Driver’s License number, your birthday, and the last numbers of your SSN.

You’ll have to pay an additional fee of $20. In the best-case scenario, you’ll get your documents in the mail within a month. The postal service is not going to forward your MVA letters.

Advice: If you are unaware of your license’s number, go over your car registration files, proof of insurance coverage on your car, or any letters you accrued from the MVA. These files will contain your license number.

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How to Replace Lost Driver’s License In-Person

Some individuals may not be allowed to apply through the website. If you fall under one of the categories listed below, you must show up to MVA Branch in person.

  • Someone stole your driving license
  • You are under the age of 21
  • Your record shows suspensions, revocations, and other violations
  • Your driver’s license is restricted
  • You have been in the same situation at least three times before
  • Your record shows a tax compliance flag
  • If the SSN on the record can’t be double-checked
  • Your record is tainted in another state

If you show up at the MVA location, you’ll be required to bring some documents with you. These documents are used to identify your ownership of the license. The official website features an online tool, which can give you the list of documents that you must collect. You should also look up an instructional document: COMAR

  • Your birthday and full name
  • Your SSN or provide the reason for not having an SSN
  • Your residence status in the country
  • Your residence status in the state

The official representative at the MVA location will look over your files and accept the $20 processing fee. Afterward, you can receive your new license.

Advice: The MVA offices are much less occupied during the weekdays and middle of the month. It’s better to visit them during this time.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Mail in Maryland

Individuals who are outside Maryland but want to replace their license can use mail-order communication. This method of license renewal is useful for people who are going to remain outside the state for at least a month and a half. If you’re going to return sooner, you have to follow a special procedure. You must prepare a letter and file it with the MVA Absent from State Unit. This can be achieved by mailing the letter specified in Glen Burnie.

When you mail the letter, it must bear a signature and contain these files:

  • Proof of identity and your birthday
  • Unique driver’s document number
  • The phone number you use today, external state address, and your consistent MD location
  • Your motivation for applying for a license

Maryland Replacement Driver’s License Fees

If you want to receive a new driver’s license document or ID in Maryland, you must cover these costs:

  • Any type of license for drivers – $20
  • Learner’s permit – $20
  • Commercial Driving License – $20
  • The permit for submitting CDL application – $20
  • Moped license – $20
  • An identification featuring your picture – $20.

You don’t have to pay anything if you’re a senior or a person with a disability.

Full list of fees can be found on MVA website.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in Maryland

Submitting an application for a new CDL or CDL permit works the same way as any other application. After the application is processed, you’ll receive a new license. You should also submit these documents:

  • Files issued by medical experts
  • Exemption or waiver, if you have a valid one

MD Driver’s License Replacement for Military Members

Military workers currently employed in the industry and their family members can get another MD driver’s license by following these steps:

  • Reach out to MVA at (410) 768-7000 to ask for an application form.
  • Demonstrate proof of active military contract. Sometimes MVA waives this prerequisite. You can use military letters or other bits of communication as proof.
  • A candidate must fill out the application and send a letter along with proof of payment made to the MVA.
  • See the specific fees above.
  • Your file, which contains the list of payment alternatives.

If you’re leaving Maryland or the US, you can ask for a short-term driver’s license. You can submit the request to (410) 424-3050. The fax must contain:

  • Your entire name
  • Your birthday
  • Exact location, in or out of state
  • Phone number.
  • Signed documents.

Once approved, the short-term license will be active for a month and a half.

Out-of-State or Overseas License Replacement

To get a new Maryland license while you’re residing out of state, or out of the US, is a little more difficult.

The process of receiving a new MD driver’s license includes:

  • Get in touch with the MVA’s Absent from State Unit by one of these means:
    • Phone number of the Customer Service: (410) 768-7000
    • Fax: (410) 424-3050.
    • Email:
  • Use the letter to explain the circumstances (whether you lost your license or had it stolen; where you reside)
  • The MVA representative will go over your options with you. The representative will also raise the alarm with the MVA department responsible for making new driver’s license copies.
  • Go over the instructions and fill out all the necessary sections of the file
  • Check where you were supposed to sign and make sure the signature is there
  • Send the letter to the packet and payment confirmation to the specified address.
    • The table above lists all the applicable fees. Potential payment options will be listed on the website.

Once the required department accepts your submission, an MVA representative will go over the details to establish your qualification. Once the process is over, the officials will send the mail to your out-of-state location.

If receiving your replacement license takes too much time, get in touch with an agent by calling the number mentioned above.

When Will I Get My Duplicate MD Driver’s License or ID?

Individuals who applied for a new Maryland driver’s license or permit will get it in their mailbox. The document will contain the same details as the original. Most importantly, the replaced license will have the same expiration date as the original.

Candidates who applied for a new Maryland ID card will receive the letter containing it unless they demonstrate:

  • The initial document.
  • Evidence that you’re leaving the state of Maryland within three weeks of submitting the application. You can use travel itineraries, such as airline tickets and hotel payments, as proof.
  • Evidence that you arranged for a test within three weeks from the time you’re getting a replacement driver’s license. These examination dates are accepted: educational institution, rules, and official tests that make use of official ID in the state.

Damaged or Destroyed MD Driver’s License

Medical doctors with damaged documents can replace them by following the steps specified above.

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