Passion for the Law, Compassion for Our Clients

Since 1976, our attorneys have provided representation in personal injury and wrongful death cases with the highest levels of integrity and expertise.


Two key principles separate us from other firms:

  • A personal approach to plaintiff’s law. At our firm, you always get an attorney, never a case manager. And we get to know you, visit your home, and help you get the best medical care.
  • Total dedication to your case. If we take your case, we commit to it 100%. We’re experienced trial attorneys who aren’t afraid to take a case to a jury. And we have the financial resources to follow the case wherever it leads without cutting corners.

Does our approach work? Our track record speaks for itself.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligence, contact us for a free consultation.

Our Approach

What makes Jacobs & Goodman different from other firms?
We take a personal approach to our clients:

  • We don’t use case managers. At many firms, they assign you to a case manager instead of an attorney to save money. Generally, these case managers are former insurance adjusters or paralegals. We believe when you hire an attorney, you should get an attorney, because only an attorney can give you the best legal advice.
  • We get to know all our clients. We meet with you, we get to know you and your family, we visit your home, and we stay in close communication throughout the case.
  • You can always reach us by phone. If you call us, you’ll get a call back from your attorney within 24 hours – that’s a promise. There’s even an attorney on call over the weekend.
  • We go the extra mile. If you’ve been injured, chances are you’ll have insurance and medical issues to deal with. In addition to litigating your case, we’ll help you hone your insurance claims and make sure you get the right medical treatment from the best doctors. Our team members can guide you through the sometimes confusing bureaucratic processes, help you fill out your forms, and even help you negotiate down medical liens or debts to help you reduce your medical bills.

When we take a case, we dedicate ourselves 100%:

  • We have the financial resources to fight to the finish. Insurance companies and big corporations have deep pockets, and they’ll try to fight a war of attrition in an attempt to make it too expensive to be worth it to litigate the case. To fight them effectively, you need to be able to spend the money required, and we have those resources. We’ll spend as much as it takes to take your case to conclusion. And if there’s no recovery on your behalf, you don’t have to pay for any of it.
  • We know the other side. After years of practice, we know how the other side thinks. We know the tricks they’ll pull and how to combat them.
  • We bring in the best experts. Whatever the topic, from medicine to product design, we spare no expense to bring in the very best experts to testify. Not people who make their money as hired experts, but the top people in their field, because that’s who can sway the jury.
  • We’re experienced trial lawyers. We approach every case as though we’re going to trial, and our attorneys have presented dozens, sometimes hundreds of cases to juries. We have the courage and the experience it takes. And that’s important, because if the other side thinks you want to settle, or thinks you’re reluctant to go to trial, you won’t get fair compensation. Many of our cases settle satisfactorily because the insurance companies know that if they do go to trial, they’ll lose, and the settlement against them could be even larger.
  • Our attorneys know the laws because they helped to craft them. Every year, the insurance industry in Florida spends millions on lobbyists and campaign contributions to influence legislation that will make life easier for them and harder for consumers. Our attorneys volunteer their time to fight for legislation that will protect consumer rights. We testify in front of the legislature, we help to craft laws when called upon, and that’s one reason we’re intimately familiar with every law that pertains to our cases.